Paid Marketing

Paid advertising costs more money than organic marketing, but takes up less of your time. It gives you an easy outlet to build brand recognition if you have the funds to spend. From social media advertising to paying for ranking on search engines, there are plenty of ways to go about paid media marketing.

Here’s how paid media marketing may have an edge over organic marketing:

  1. Scales Up Quickly
  2. Target Marketing
  3. Leverage Dayparting
  4. Converting Landing Pages

Organic Marketing

Organic search marketing is cheaper and has less direct costs. Different types of organic marketing include Social media, Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization

(SEO). You don’t always have to hire someone else to do organic marketing for you. You can learn it and do it by yourself.

Here’s how organic search marketing may have an edge over paid marketing:

  1. More Traffic with Time
  2. Cheaper Costs
  3. Higher Click-Through Rate

Which One Is Better?

According to research, more traffic goes to organic listings than paid ones. Here’s why: people trust organically marketed content. Everyone knows the downside to paid search marketing: the audience’s skepticism. And that’s exactly what we see at play here.

However, organic marketing takes effort and time. You have to wait for at least a year before it pays off. Moreover, with Pay Per Click

(PPC), you can control the kind of traffic you get. With organic marketing, it’s a mix of everything and you don’t get much say over who visits your site.

So, which one should you choose? Well, my answer is, both. If they both pay off, why would you leverage only one?

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